About NOWCastSA

NOWCastSA is your local public television on the Internet. As an independent, nonprofit, online news organization, NOWCastSA is a 501(c)(3), supported by underwriting, sponsorships, grants and donations from people like you!

NOWCastSA, which is governed by an independent and volunteer Board of Directors, was launched in 2009 with a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, that was  matched with pledges from CI:NOW and the San Antonio Area Foundation. 

Our Mission:

NOWCastSA's mission is to promote and facilitate an inclusive civic conversation by empowering neighbors to identify common issues and share information through education, training, community news, events and multimedia.

What we do

We provide data and context about local quality of life, including community health, food, water, the environment and public safety.

We gather and publish news and information about neighborhood developments, including governance, housing, schools, transportation, economic development and preservation.

We provide a forum to chronicle local culture, from musicians and artists, to history, traditions and celebrations.

We promote local civic engagement, by using live video streaming technology to create online forums for community conversations about quality of life, neighborhood news, culture, social justice, equality, human rights and government accountability and transparency.

Our values

 Adapted from The Elements of Journalism:

Our first obligation is to the truth.

Our first loyalty is to the community and the public interest.

We will:

  • Adhere to a discipline of verification
  • Maintain an independence from those we cover
  • Serve as a watchdog and independent monitor of power
  • Provide a forum for public criticism and compromise
  • Strive to make the significant interesting and relevant
  • Keep the news comprehensive and proportional
  • Exercise personal ethics and responsibility

Transparency and openness

NOWCastSA is a partner of CI:NOW, a San Antonio-based collaboration whose members include more than 25 public, private, governmental, educational and healthcare organizations.  Representatives from some of those entities serve on the NOWCastSA Board of Directors.

NOWCastSA's relationship with CI:NOW's members and programs does not fit within the traditional definition of an independent media organization. Therefore, we list and describe Our Funders here.

In addition, our policy is to be completely transparent and disclose those relationships. 

NOWCastSA representatives and staff will fully disclose relevant relationships, affiliations and interests and also adhere to a Financial Conflict of Interest Policy. 

NOWCastSA Corporate Documents:


Community Partners

 As a community journalism site, NOWCastSA relies on news contributions from individuals and representatives of groups in the community. Many of those people may be advocates of a point of view, or have strong perspectives or positions on issues. We cannot require objectivity, but we do require contributors to be transparent and to fully disclose significant and relevant relationships, affiliations or interests. Our Terms of Service are here.


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