Webcast: Government accountability and civic engagement

NOWCastSA webcast live as San Antonians met to create an action plan for the SA2020 targets to improve civic engagement and government accountability.

University of Texas at San Antonio's College of Public Policy hosted the event under its ongoing Great Cities Dialogue series that periodically gathers leaders and policy makers to talk about significant issues. Francine S. Romero, Associate Dean of the College of Public Policy, led and framed the discussion.

Speakers ranged from Mayor Julian Castro to his political science professor at Stanford School of Law, Luis Ricardo Fraga. Fraga, a native of Corpus Cristi, now is Director of the Diversity Research Institute at the University of Washington.

 The free public workshop was at the UTSA downtown campus in the Buena Vista building's Meeting Assembly Room at 501 West Durango Blvd.  NOWCastSA streamed the event live from 8 a.m. to noon.

The goal of the workshop is to map a plan for progress guided by the ideas in the SA2020 Final Report.

"We will look at ideas on how to improve indicators such as voter turnout, public service volunteerism, access to public information, diversity of City boards and commissions, and so on, and consider if/how they would work in our City. Then, we will discuss how to make those ideas happen. We will not finish the job in just one day, but it will be an important start," the news release said.