First Religious Forum held at UTSA

UTSA's Secular Student Alliance called on representatives from Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Atheist student organizations to engage in a civil discussion about religion. 

UTSA First Religious Fourm

The forum was conceived of by Secular Student Alliance President, Charles Duncan, and Vice-President Jacob Schmidt.  According to Schmidt, "in recent semesters, different religious groups [on campus] have had pretty heated confrontations with each other, us included... I think this is something that the school itself needed, because of how heated things have gotten recently between certain groups."

"The main idea behind the event", said Schmidt, "was to have a discussion and not a debate... We didn't want it to be... people yelling at each other", adding, "I think it was fair and it gave everyone a chance to say what they thought."

The Secular Student Alliance is hoping to have a 2nd Annual Religious Forum next year.

See video of interview with President and Vice President of UTSA's Secular Student Alliance here

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