Hey San Antonio businesses! Want free promotion for your biz?

Morgan, the CEO and social media consultant at Sociable Boost located here in San Antonio, TX is looking for businesses who are interested in a little more exposure. 

Whether you're small, medium or large, brick & mortar or internet based; Morgan wants to promote you!

In return, she'll be asking questions like:

*How are you marketing your business

*What products/services do you have to offer

*Why you do what you do

*Your ideal customer/client

*What's your online presence 

And so on. 

She is willing to offer 100% free promotion for your business in the form of a video interview.

You must be within the San Antonio area, must own your own business and must be comfortable talking about your business in front of a camera.

No gimmicks; just good ol' fashion interviewing in order to support the community. 

Morgan wants to help showcase your business today.

Click this link to submit your interest.