Providence Sophomore blogs for the San Antonio Public Library

Providence Catholic School Sophomore Aedan Richter is a prolific book review writer.  Since September, Richter has written a weekly book review for the Teens’ Blog of the San Antonio Public Library website. It probably helps that Richter is also an avid reader.

“I’ve loved reading ever since I was little,” said Richter. “I always have my nose in a book.”

Jennifer Velasquez, Teen Services Coordinator at the Library, explained: “The Teens’ Blog was created to let teenagers take charge of their participation in the library experience. There are many activities involving music and art, and even cooking classes for teens at the San Antonio Public Libraries, most of  which are posted on the Teens’ Blog. But Aedan is the only blogger who participates with book reviews on a weekly basis." 

"Her blog posts are invaluable to the Teen Services of the Library,” added Velasquez. “It’s important to have peer-to-peer reviews and insight into which books might appeal to teens looking for something to read. The kids will listen to her before me!”

Richter said she began writing the reviews because she wanted to share the books she’s enjoyed.  When asked if she reads other than young adult or teen books for pleasure, Richter answered, “Though I’ve read some classics and books associated with school assignments, I enjoy teen books because as a whole, they are happier.” 

The first book she reviewed was “The Princess Bride.”  “I loved the movie, but the book was so much better as it explained some of the things the movie was unable to include.” 

Richter also enjoys dancing, French class and belongs to the National Art Honors Society. 

Providence is accepting applications for grades 6-12. Contact Stephanie Takas-Mercer, Admissions Director, at 210.224.6651x210.

Editor's Note: Jennifer Velasquez is a former member of the NOWCastSA Board of Directors.