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Written by Avenida Guadalupe on Feb 02, 2011
 The Board of Directors for the Avenida Guadalupe Association (Avenida) voted on Jan. 24 to continue moving forward with an extensive economic and community development initiative in the city’s West Side known as the Promesa Project.   The Promesa Project incorporates a number of rehabilitation and new construction projects focused on bringing new jobs and services to the West Side of San Antonio.   About Avenida Guadalupe:
Written by Joe Ruiz on Jan 27, 2011
 A San Antonio filmmaker is holding an open casting call and seeking volunteers and potential actors for his next film.
Written by Graciela Sanchez on Jan 25, 2011
On April 1, 2002, the historic gas station, open-air dance space known as La Gloria was demolished.Hundreds of community residents from the West Side and from all parts of San Antonio joined arms, hearts and minds for over two months to stop the destruction of this landmark building. But the owners of La Gloria, and their cronies at City Council didn’t listen to the community.Y murio La Gloria.
Written by Joe Ruiz on Jan 18, 2011
It's the morning after one of the largest marches celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and we thought you'd like to see a collection of the coverage of the event from around the city with some highlights from around the nation.
Written by Susana on Jan 17, 2011
Tens of thousands of people marched under a cold, gray sky in San Antonio to celebrate the life and legacy of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., marking the 25th anniversary of the commemorative national holiday.