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Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Apr 12, 2010
The San Antonio Advisory Development Committee presented "Revitalizing the Inner City," an examination of how the Inner City Reinvestment/Infill Policy and related initiatives will revitalize San Antonio.Watch video from the six segments of Revitalizing the Inner City:
Written by Jennifer Herrera on Feb 18, 2010
The Institute of Texan Cultures Asian Festival this weekend will offer a sampling of what the local Asian community has to offer along with a glimpse of Asian culture as a whole.Mike Nishimuta, a member of Japan-America Society of San Antonio (JASSA), said it isn’t too difficult to find an authentic taste of Asian culture in San Antonio, especially during Asian Festival time.The Asian Festival started as a family reunion 23 years ago and has evolved into one of the Institute of Texan Cultures' most anticipated events.
Written by MisterAlfonso on Feb 06, 2010
The crowd seemed to be in fantastic spirits for the Saturday night improv night Jan. 30 at Overtime Theater in Southtown.The theater’s run of "The Hard Bargain" ended earlier in the evening, to great success, and the remaining audience members, as well as crew, ambled around the small but cozy lobby prior to the improv event.Although the admission is usually $8 with proceeds going to Overtime Theater Capital Fund, on Jan. 30, the show was free, and food and drink were available for a donation.
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Jul 07, 2009
One of the most exciting things about building NOWCast SA is that it's something totally new. We're starting from scratch and no one's done anything quite like this before!Nowhere is that more obvious than in the web content management system, or CMS. The CMS publishes, organizes and displays content, making it sort of the online equivalent of a newspaper's printing press or a television station's transmitter. (Here's how Wikipedia defines it)