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Written by Antonio Rodriguez on Apr 12, 2011
As part of its Connect A Million Minds campaign, Time Warner Cable invited students from Jusdon ISD's Henry Metzger Middle School to learn more about the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in their everyday applications. "It's important that (the students) be exposed at this age, and we wish to expand it to our elementary schools" said Judson ISD Superintendent William Mackey.
Written by Claudia Sanchez on Apr 11, 2011
Every year on the last Saturday of March, thousands of people in San Antonio gather to celebrate the life and legacy of Cesar Estrada Chavez. This year’s march had special meaning for me, not only because it was the 15th year of the march and because it was my 11th year as one of the organizers. It was because I got to march along one of my role models.
Written by briancdillard on Apr 09, 2011
On March 20, I attended a school board candidate forum to ask James Howard, President of the school board at the San Antonio Independent School District, questions about enrollments and drop out rates in District 2.
Written by abnaz on Apr 08, 2011
Before he passed away in December 2010, retired newspaper columnist Carlos Guerra spent days, weeks at a time strolling along the beach in Port Aransas, posting on his Facebook page, and engaging in his favorite pastime – sport fishing.“Until recently, sleeping more than four hours a day was unusual for me,” Guerra wrote to his more than 2,000 Facebook friends on Nov. 16, 2010. “Now, I’m taking long walks on the beach and falling into two- to three-hour mid-day comas, interrupted by great campechanas of fresh shellfish, avocados and chiles.”
Written by evrard on Apr 06, 2011
Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) is a five-year program designed to inspire students to pursue learning opportunities and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).In honor of the program's second year, Time Warner Cable is celebrating CAMM Week throughout San Antonio and across the country.