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Written by abnaz on Feb 01, 2012
REPLAY THE VIDEO of NOWCastSA's webcast of the Save Texas Schools San Antonio regional conference on Feb. 3 at the Northside Activity Center. At the conference, education advocates told the audience of about 300 parents and educators to focus on the November state elections and to take action against state lawmakers who voted to cut $5.4 billion in education funding last year.
Written by abnaz on Jan 30, 2012
The Institute of Texan Cultures celebrated the year of the dragon during its 25th annual Asian Festival on Saturday, Jan. 28 on its grounds, located at 801 E. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. The year of the dragon on the lunar calendar started on Jan. 23, 2012.For many Asians throughout the world -- typically wherever ethnic Chinese and Chinese immigrants reside, as well as people from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and other East Asian nations -- the lunar new year is the largest celebration of the year. It marks the end of winter and the start of spring.
Written by morganbarnhart on Jan 29, 2012
Morgan Barnhart & Yusuf Chowdhury – both social media specialists – have teamed up to create a group dedicated to the free education of both large and small businesses in San Antonio. They realized something very serious – very few people know how to use social media effectively. They may have heard of social media and started up a few platforms, but when it comes to actually implementing, it can be information overload.
Written by abnaz on Jan 22, 2012
Before beans and corn got hijacked, fried in lard, and turned into cheese-slathered tacos, Native Americans in both continents cultivated the two together, along with squash, as part of a nutritious diet and a healthy garden.
Written by paveway42 on Jan 03, 2012
On Sunday, Jan. 1, U.S. Army All-American Bowl players arrived in San Antonio and began the process of gearing up for game day. Players from across the country are in town to play with high-caliber talent and show their skills on the national stage. Practices began on Monday, January 2 and for some it was the first time in a few weeks they had been on the field.