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Written by City of San Antonio on Jul 30, 2015
San Antonio’s break from drought restrictions is over for now. This year’s heavy rains provided significant recharge for the Edwards Aquifer, but levels couldn’t be maintained during the summer and the 10-day average has dropped to 659.5, requiring a return to Stage 1 water restrictions effective Friday, July 31.
Written by City of San Antonio on Jul 24, 2015
San Antonio is expected to grow by over 1 million people between now and 2040. It is important to plan for this growth so we can make smart choices now to prepare for the future. Join us at one of the meetings listed below, or add your ideas online through August 11, 2015. At these small-scale open houses, you can: • Talk about transportation challenges, needs, and solutions • Explore transportation choices and funding options • Learn what people have said so far
Written by BioBridge Global on Jul 22, 2015
Umbilical cord blood has so many medical uses, scientists are starting to find them by accident. In a recent case, researchers looking into a disease related to skin grafts identified a part of umbilical cord blood that can lower inflammation and immune disorders caused by those grafts. At the same time, they found those same proteins, called soluble NKG2D ligands, could be used to treat similar conditions that affect the skin, including eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and perhaps even alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss.
Written by City of San Antonio on Jul 21, 2015
With temperatures closing in on 100 degrees and triple digits expected for the weekend, local pet owners need to think twice before taking their pets to the lake or perhaps on an errand or two. Our South Texas heat can put your pet at risk for overheating because dogs cool their bodies by panting which is much less effective than sweating. It’s best to leave your pet at home during hot weather, but if you do want your pet to come along, you must bear in mind:
Written by Guest on Jul 17, 2015
A group of children at risk for Type 2 diabetes will soon be attending Camp Power Up with fun activities, field trips and wellness education to help them learn ways to live a healthy lifestyle and beat the odds of a diabetes diagnosis.