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Written by gsbaird on Aug 03, 2013
Many opponents of Obamacare continue to rehash the same scare tactic about the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) that they have used countless times in the past. They assert that surely the IPAB will lead to severe rationing of health care, negatively affecting the lives of countless Americans.
Written by gsbaird on Jul 30, 2013
From discussions with individuals in our local community and reading articles and letters to editors, it appears to me that many people do not understand how the Affordable Care Act affects small business owners.
Written by gsbaird on Jul 30, 2013
The Affordable Care Act seeks to level the playing field for those workers in our society who do not have access to company-subsidized health insurance plans. The federal government is providing the subsidy not available to those people from their employers. And the Congressional Budget Office recently issued an updated analysis confirming its initial conclusion that the Affordable Care Act will not add to our budget deficit.
Written by School of Medicine on Jul 29, 2013
Children’s perceptions of living with asthma may differ significantly from their caregivers’ perceptions, which means both should be interviewed when they visit the doctor’s office, a new study from UT Kids San Antonio and the Center for Airway Inflammation Research (cAIR) shows.
Written by Rudy Arispe on Jul 29, 2013
When Irma Vasquez’s legs began to swell about a year ago, she attributed it to water retention because of a salty diet. “My legs felt very heavy, and I had a lot of trouble walking,” said the 60-year-old former certified nurse’s assistant.