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Written by Joe Ruiz on Sep 16, 2011
By an 8 to 3 vote, the San Antonio City Council approved its $2.2 billion budget Thursday, with a few amendments made after multiple public hearings and ongoing debates.The first item listed under the heading, "Expenditure Adjustments," had a special significance for me:"Add resources to fully restore staff to Music program to Parks and Recreation Department rather than using contract services - $144,997"
Written by nancypjohnson on Sep 14, 2011
REPLAY THE VIDEO: Voices for Children of San Antonio hosted the 13th annual Congress on Children Friday, Sept. 23, 2011. Aimed at policy makers, social workers, teachers and others who work with young people, the one-day conference featured many child experts.The event at the Sky Room at the University of the Incarnate Word was not open to the public, but you can replay the video of NOWCastSA's webcast of the event here. The broadcast was sponsored by Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.
Written by Irene Berns on Sep 07, 2011
Dear NOWCastSA, Thank you so much for giving us the gift of reporter Joe Ruiz. His factual reporting and documentation of the city's budget hearings were covered with expertise and attention to every little detail. Joe Ruiz covered our story on the proposed budget to close our city music classes down with contractual labor and helped us get the facts out to many San Antonions.
Written by Joe Ruiz on Sep 07, 2011
You can fight city hall and win.A grassroots campaign by students and their parents convinced San Antonio officials to restore funding for a music program that was to have been cut from the 2012 budget.
Written by Joe Ruiz on Sep 06, 2011
While I conducted an interview with puppywalker and foster parent Rebecca Badeaux, a four-week-old litter of Vizsla puppies went to town gnawing on my jeans and jumping around my shoes. This would not be a normal interview. The puppies, known as the "I" litter, scampered around a large, shaded kennel. For the first year of their lives, all they will do is play and learn to be comfortable around groups of new people.