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Written by Susana on Feb 24, 2011
Several hundred people gathered in round tables, drawing and stacking chips on maps depicting HemisFair Park in a second public workshop to revamp San Antonio's famed downtown neighborhood. More than 300 people attended the Hemisfair Park Planning workshop at Sunset Station to tell the city and developers the kind of kind of housing, transportation routes, shopping centers and parks they want in order to bring new vibrancy to the 78-acre area, home to the 1968 World's Fair.
Written by gsbaird on Feb 22, 2011
Modest adjustments to our federal tax rates can save $2.7 trillion over a decade.The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported last August that, if the Bush tax cuts were not extended, these savings would be realized, according to an article from The Fiscal Times.
Written by Ross Ramsey on Feb 21, 2011
  Inside Intelligence: Public Education Funding Is...  Our insiders took on school finance this week, and they're not optimistic that there will be a happy ending. Lawmakers have proposed spending $10.4 billion less than the Texas Education Agency says it needs to keep things running like they're running now. Is that current level of services sufficient for public education? Two-thirds of our panel said no, it's not.
Written by Joe Ruiz on Feb 21, 2011
On Sunday, Feb. 20, the superintendents of Northside and North East ISDs met at Colonial Hills United Methodist Church to talk about the upcoming district budget cuts designed to anticipate the projected $27 billion state budget shortfall over the next two years.
Written by Susana on Feb 15, 2011
Residents living in the West and Southwest sides of San Antonio met with city planners to find out how their neighborhoods will grow and what redevelopment and conservation efforts are in store.The second public meeting of the West/Southwest Sector was held Tuesday, Feb. 15 at Northwest Vista College located at 3535 N. Ellison Dr. You can watch video from the live Webcast here: