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Written by artseago on Apr 11, 2013
Most, if not all, non-smokers owe smokers an apology. Over the years, our government has demonized smokers, taking away where they can smoke and raising taxes on cigarettes, while most non-smokes sat back and said to themselves, "glad I'm not one of those nasty smokers."
Written by Carlton Soules on Apr 03, 2013
It is not often that I feel compelled to respond to opinion pieces, but in this case the subject is too important to let go.  Josh Baugh's Sunday Express-News opinion piece, "North Vs. South?
Written by annalisapeace on Apr 03, 2013
The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance has released our Legislative Agenda for the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature. This agenda includes bills filed as of March 29th, 2013. The Agenda has been compiled by consensus and endorsed by all forty-seven of our member groups, spanning twenty-one counties in Central Texas.
Written by evrard on Mar 13, 2013
REPLAY VIDEO of the District 5 candidate forum, hosted by the Citizens for Responsive Leadership in District 5 and featuring the five challengers who filed to run for City Council to represent District 5.
Written by City of San Antonio on Mar 07, 2013
District 1 Councilman Diego M. Bernal has asked City staff to work with San Antonio school districts and CPS Energy to implement funding strategies to provide infrastructure improvements that would include installation of new sidewalks and adequate street lighting around the perimeter of schools.