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Written by deborah.charnes... on Jan 04, 2013
As federal lawmakers begin serious work on our nation's finances, our elected officials must consider the negative impact spending cuts and reforms to the Medicare program will have on patients. Those of us who fight every day against leukemia, lymphoma and other cancers are watching and worrying for good reason. Cuts to Medicare will reduce access to healthcare providers and affordable quality medicines for the millions of Americans who rely on this critical program.
Written by artseago on Dec 13, 2012
Let’s talk about the proposed state law banning texting while driving. Why do we need this law? I believe if the police, sheriffs and state troopers enforced current laws, they could reduce accidents caused by texting while driving in a very short time. You may say, "It’s not against the law to text and drive," but let’s look at the driving habits of drivers that are actively texting at the wheel:
Written by artseago on Dec 13, 2012
As we pray for the families involved in the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., on Friday, Dec.
Written by City of San Antonio on Dec 03, 2012
Do I have to take the trash out over the winter holiday? The Solid Waste Management Department wants to remind all San Antonio residents who normally receive a Thursday or Friday collection for recycling, organics recycling or garbage that their service will slide one day due to the holidays. Residents who normally receive collection on a Thursday will receive service on Friday, Dec. 26 and residents who normally receive a Friday collection will receive collection on Saturday, Dec. 27. Residents with a Saturday collection will not be affected by the slide schedule.
Written by Antonio Rodriguez on Nov 11, 2012
In preparation for the 2013 American Housing Survey (AHS) the United States Census Bureau is now hiring part-time interviewers.  The AHS will collect data on the condition and costs of housing for the U.S Department of Urban Development (HUD).