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Written by Lakeythe on Mar 10, 2012
"Governments cannot afford to lead in matters of reform. By their very nature Governments are but interpreters and executors of the expressed will of the people whom they govern, and even a most autocratic Government will find itself unable to impose a reform which its people cannot assimilate." ~Gandhi
Written by evrard on Mar 09, 2012
REPLAY THE VIDEO: In 2011, NOWCastSA teamed up with BrackTV students to webcast all eight SAISD high school graduation ceremonies. On  March 9, 2012, Brackenridge High School journalism and video production students will join local and national media professionals in covering the White House Hispanic Community Action Summit, which will be held at Fox Tech High School from 12:30-3:30 p.m.
Written by abnaz on Feb 27, 2012
On Thursday, March 1, two major organizations operating on the East Side are announcing a marriage of resources and efforts that could forever change the neighborhood’s physical appearance, employment opportunities, and educational outcomes. Click here to watch Thursday's meeting.
Written by Joe Ruiz on Feb 21, 2012
Texas Public Radio will host a town hall meeting on the Voting Rights Act and its relevancy now and in the future.
Written by Joe Ruiz on Feb 20, 2012
REPLAY THE VIDEO:  Plaza de Armas hosted a readers' forum to discuss the impact of the Eagle Ford shale on San Antonio and the surrounding region. The recent oil and gas boom coming from the 24-county stretch has created thousands of jobs and benefitted countless others. But what does the future hold with regards to long-term job prospects and environmental impact?