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Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Dec 13, 2018
San Antonio City Council approved a measure Dec. 13 that would reward developers for building housing as expensive as $360,000, after city staff spent months in private meetings with for profit and nonprofit developers, but did not hold a single public hearing.
Written by Guest on Dec 13, 2018
Commentary by Jim Bailey, member of the Housing Policy Task Force
Written by Cynthia Spielman on Nov 21, 2018
By Cynthia Spielman Please write your Council member and the mayor to postpone the adoption of the CCHIP and ICRIP (Fee Waiver Program) changes so that it can go through a more meaningful public input process to protect affordability and our communities and neighborhoods. The proposed CCHIP and ICRIP changes should go through a public process and discussion before they are adopted.