Special Coverage

Written by JoleneAlmendarez on May 07, 2019

Just nine months after San Antonio's Housing Policy Framework rolled off the presses, co-author María Antonietta Berriozábal said she is afraid the key recommendations are languishing and at risk of joining three decades of previous plans, on a shelf, forgotten, gathering dust.

Written by Edmond Ortiz on May 01, 2019

Updated: Just a week before the May 4 election day, candidates for San Antonio mayor and city council filed reports showing that donations are flowing into their coffers.

All officeholders, candidates and specific purpose political action committees are required to file campaign finance reports by set deadlines, according to the City of San Antonio municipal campaign finance code, even if there’s no reportable activity. The reports list who has donated money to the candidates and how much money has been donated. 

Written by JoleneAlmendarez on Apr 29, 2019

With no money, no food, no medicine and no access to basics like showers, scores of asylum seekers began arriving in San Antonio in late March with few options. But a massive joint effort by the City of San Antonio and a legion of nonprofits and volunteers has surrounded the newcomers with hope and resources.