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Written by JoleneAlmendarez on Dec 07, 2018

Brenda Vickrey Johnson

By Jolene Almendarez

Without any public input, the City of San Antonio removed long-standing preferences for local small minority and women-owned businesses who compete for city contracts. The affected business owners are not happy.

Written by JoleneAlmendarez on Dec 07, 2018

The so-called San Antonio Four had their criminal records wiped clean, the final step in freeing them from a 24-year nightmare that landed them in prison for almost two decades for crimes they did not commit.

Written by ProPublica on Dec 03, 2018

This article was written by Ginger Thompson, a reporter at Propublica where the article first appeared.

Written by JoleneAlmendarez on Nov 27, 2018

Affordable housing in San Antonio includes single family and  multi-family buildings

By Jolene Almendarez, NOWCastSA

In its final report, the Mayor’s Housing Policy Task Force called on the city to develop a coordinated housing system, increase city investment in housing, increase affordable housing and protect and promote neighborhoods.

Written by Texas Tribune on Nov 26, 2018

Texas should brace for more — and worse — Hurricane Harveys, according to a major scientific report made public on Friday by the Trump administration.