Special Coverage

Written by B Kay Richter on Dec 15, 2016

The anti-vaccination movement is gaining strength in Texas, apparently.

At least, that's a concern of Dr. Julie Boom, one of the state's leading vaccers, the director of Texas Children's Hospital's immunization project. Boom recently spoke at a conference in San Antonio, imploring health workers to recommend scheduled vaccinations as strongly as possible.

Written by Don Mathis on Dec 14, 2016

San Antonio prides itself on holiday lights. Some people don’t even take their Christmas lights down after the new year. They just flick a switch when the next Christmas rolls around to celebrate another season of holiday cheer.

Written by Edmond Ortiz on Dec 14, 2016

Members of COPS/Metro Alliance say the city’s bond-funded effort to encourage affordable housing in distressed areas is flawed, and hope the proposal will be retooled to meet current homeowners’ problems.

Written by Edmond Ortiz on Dec 14, 2016

Plans for a new 7-Eleven store at Zarzamora and Buena Vista streets could include physical remnants and aspects to preserve what the iconic Malt House restaurants meant to generations of Westsiders.

Officials from the North Texas-based convenience store chain said they want to consider a variety of things from neighborhood residents, architects and artists before razing the restaurant and replace it with a convenience store.

Written by karensadams on Dec 13, 2016

ChildSafe was recently awarded a $5,000 grant by the Texas Bar Foundation to enhance its Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) to expedite services to young victims of child abuse and neglect.