Special Coverage

Written by Rudy Arispe on Jan 24, 2016

When he’s not treating patients in the wound care and hyperbaric medicine unit at Southwest General Hospital, Dr. Robert Michaelson can often be found outdoors with a camera in hand, capturing the beauty found in nature.

Written by classictheatre on Jan 23, 2016

As guests assemble at a country house for the staging of an avant-garde open air play, artistic temperaments ignite a more entertaining drama behind the scenes, with romantic jealousies, self-doubt and the ruthless pursuit of happiness confusing lives, loves and literature. This is a haunting piece of Russian literature.

Spend your Valentine's Day afternoon at The Classic Theatre and enjoy a glass of complementary champagne after The Seagull performance.

Written by woodlawntheatre on Jan 23, 2016

ROCK OF AGES the musical is the ultimate rock mix-tape musical, a hilarious story of dreams, love and rock. The story is set in the tail end of the big, bad 1980s in Hollywood where the party has been raging hard. Aqua Net, Lycra, lace and liquor flow freely at one of the Sunset Strips last legendary venues, a place where sex machine Stacee Jaxx takes the stage and scantily clad groupies line up to turn their fantasies into reality.

Written by Rudy Arispe on Jan 19, 2016

SA Youth encourages high school dropouts, ages 16 to 24, to enroll in YouthBuild, a program which offers young adults an opportunity to receive their high school diploma or GED while receiving workforce training and certification in construction. Young adults who participate in the free program attend academic classes for 20 hours per week and participate in construction training for 20 hours per week.

Written by Cary Clack on Jan 18, 2016

“Let me say that if you are tired of demonstrations, I am tired of demonstrating. I am tired of the threat of death. I want to live.”
Martin Luther King Jr.,
in Chicago during the campaign for open housing, Aug. 17, 1966

The threat would be fulfilled. Martin Luther King Jr. would be dead in less than two years. Exhausted and besieged, his last breath drawn on a balcony in Memphis in the midst of more demonstrations.

Prophets are best appreciated when they’re martyrs.