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Written by Guest on Aug 28, 2014

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) will be one of the first blood banks to use the VeinViewer Flex, a product of Christie Medical, to help make blood donations more comfortable for young donors.

“With some donors, it’s difficult to find small veins for donation,” said Brian Clark, director of Donor Services at STBTC. “This technology we’ve invested in will help our phlebotomists find the right vein to help minimize discomfort during donation.”

Written by MichaelWhite on Aug 27, 2014

More than 120 people came to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center on Aug. 26 to listen and add their suggestions - some quite passionately - about how the city should redevelop the Alamo Plaza area.

The Future of Alamo Plaza

Written by southwest worke... on Aug 25, 2014

Join District 4 Councilman Ray Saldana, Southwest Workers Union, and South San ISD as community celebrates decreased industrial truck traffic in the Quintana Road neighborhood. 

Six months after community members blocked traffic to tell trucks that they were going the "Wrong Way" by driving through their neighborhood, rather than using the General Hudnell on-ramp built especially for the trucks, "No Thru Trucks" signs were installed and authorities have increased enforcement against truck traffic.

Written by SUIVES on Aug 25, 2014

As my husband and I headed back home to San Antonio from a wedding in St. Paul,  I insisted we stop at the Brown v Board of Education historic site in Little Rock, Arkansas at Central High School.

And then, in Indianapolis, dear Indianapolis -- where we had both been separately stationed at an Army school at Ft. Ben Harrison, in Nap-town, Indian-no-place - we made a pilgrimage to Broadway and 17th Street to pay tribute to Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr..

Written by Melissa Monroe on Aug 24, 2014

"Our black men have a bulls eye on their chest," said San Antonio activist Mario Salas at a panel discussion on Aug. 23 at the Carver Branch Library