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Written by Calasia_Haynes on Mar 19, 2019

The San Antonio Planning Department gave residents a presentation to explain proposed future land use categories, as part of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. This meeting was held July 31, 2018 at Stinson Airport.

Watch the English version here or scroll down to watch in Spanish:

Spanish Version:

Written by AJPesquera on Mar 17, 2019

The Texas Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision that favored the City of San Antonio in a long-running dispute with a community group that has been trying to transform a tract of land surrounding the Hays Street Bridge into a visitors park.

Written by rudyarispe on Mar 12, 2019

An explosion of artwork highlights multiple concepts including love, romance, global plunder, rasquachismo, and the AIDS pandemic. The exhibit winds its way through the ITC gallery in colorful, multiple dioramas intricately detailed in a cohesive, culturally relevant queer-driven visual unit in search of true humility and noble hearts.

Written by rudyarispe on Mar 09, 2019

Kaoru Watanabe performs March 24 during International Music FestivalFrom the music of medieval and Renaissance Europe, to American jazz, to the sounds of Japanese instruments, the 6th annual International Music Festival returns to the Alamo City from March 22 to 31. All performances are free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.mbaw.org or call (210) 464-1534.