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Written by SUIVES on Aug 25, 2014

As my husband and I headed back home to San Antonio from a wedding in St. Paul,  I insisted we stop at the Brown v Board of Education historic site in Little Rock, Arkansas at Central High School.

And then, in Indianapolis, dear Indianapolis -- where we had both been separately stationed at an Army school at Ft. Ben Harrison, in Nap-town, Indian-no-place - we made a pilgrimage to Broadway and 17th Street to pay tribute to Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr..

Written by Melissa Monroe on Aug 24, 2014

"Our black men have a bulls eye on their chest," said San Antonio activist Mario Salas at a panel discussion on Aug. 23 at the Carver Branch Library

Written by southwest worke... on Aug 22, 2014

On Tuesday, Aug. 26 at the South San Community Center, Southwest Workers Union held a news conference celebrating the installation of "No Thru Truck" signs on Quintana Road and to push for continued shifts towards local, sustainable, community-led economies that support the wellness of Mother Earth.

No Thru conference

Written by San Antonio Pub... on Aug 21, 2014

The San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) aims to engage, serve and empower teens through a number of programs and resources. One of the many outlets for teen creativity is the SAPL Teen Blog.  210TeenLibrary began as a way for teen library patrons to express themselves and their experiences with books, technology, events and more.

Written by deborah.charnes... on Aug 15, 2014

In honor of its tenth anniversary in San Antonio, The Union will open its doors Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1, with nine complimentary 60- or 90-minute hot yoga sessions for San Antonio’s first Free Day of Yoga.

Free Day of Yoga attracts thousands of participants in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Corpus, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Guam, and now, San Antonio.  Back in 1999, when some yogis in Austin came up with the idea of a smorgasbord of classes for Free Day of Yoga, Stevan Falk was testing the waters with the ancient Indian practice.