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Written by City of San Antonio on Aug 07, 2014

Use common sense when traveling with pets

With temps closing in on 100 degrees, local pet owners need to think twice before taking their pets to the lake or even while running an errand or two. The South Texas heat can put your pet at risk for overheating because dogs cool their bodies by panting, which is much less effective than sweating.

It’s best to leave your pet at home during hot weather, but if you do want your pet to come along you must bear in mind:

Written by evrard on Aug 05, 2014

If you sign up for the Timberland Serv-a-palooza Challenge, you could do a world of good for NOWCastSA and win  amazing prizes for yourself.

Written by VIA Transit on Aug 01, 2014

The VIA Metropolitan Transit Board of Trustees has announced plans to defer the modern streetcar project.

The official action to defer the project will take place at the August 26, 2014 meeting of the Board of Trustees. The VIA Board will also take steps to cancel the agreement with the City of San Antonio to provide $32 million in City funds for the streetcar project.

Written by San Antonio His... on Jul 31, 2014

For 40 years, Leadership San Antonio (“LSA”) has helped to shape the future leaders of San Antonio.  This program, one of the first of its kind in Texas, has graduated more than 1000 participants and focuses on delivering these leaders an opportunity to develop an understanding of the promise and challenges of our community.

Written by Clayton on Jul 30, 2014

For nearly two centuries, San Antonio has played a vital role in providing support and safe haven for refugees from around the world.