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Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Sep 24, 2018

329 Claremont Street

The San Antonio Zoning Board of Adjustment rejected Imagine Built Homes’ request to build a new home eight feet from an existing home, closer than is allowed under the Mahncke Park Neighborhood Conservation District rules.

Written by Guest on Sep 23, 2018

By Robert Moore for Borderzine.com

Costs of detaining migrant children at shelters in Tornillo, Texas, and other locations around the country are skyrocketing, with the Trump administration now saying it may cost $100 million a month just to operate the 3,800-bed tent facility outside of El Paso.

Written by Texas Tribune on Sep 21, 2018

Replay the video and read the

Written by Guest on Sep 20, 2018

“It was painful how hungry we were.”

“I begged for water for my daughter but the officials wouldn’t give her any.”

“The temperature was extremely cold. Children were crying all the time. Human heat was not enough to warm the babies.”

Each year in U.S. immigration detention facilities, 90,000 children are systematically deprived of food, water and basic medical care, and exposed to extreme temperatures and unsanitary conditions.

Written by AJPesquera on Sep 20, 2018

Texas Supreme Court Arguments on the Hays Street Bridge

By Adolfo Pesquera

As the justices of the Texas Supreme Court probed attorneys’ arguments over the fate of land next to San Antonio’s landmark Hays Street Bridge, cities across the state watched closely to see if  the case would affect large swaths of public policy.