Webcast: Texas Redistricting hearings need your testimony - here's why and how

Redistricting Webcast Sponsors

Replay video from the Aug. 24 League of Women Voters Community Forum on Redistricting, designed to help people learn about the issue and prepare testimony for upcoming public input meetings by the Texas House Redistricting Committee.

Thanks to sponsorship from the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber and the Texas League of Women Voters for making this video possible.

Fair representation for every Texan depends on mobilizing the community to participate in the upcoming public hearings on redistricting.

By speaking up at the Redistricting Committee’s public hearings over the next year, you can influence how the Texas Legislature redraws district boundaries and help ensure fair representation for every person.

St. Mary’s Law Professor Al Kauffman moderated a discussion in the San Antonio Central Library auditorium featuring Texas Senate Redistricting Committee member José Menéndez, UTSA Demography Professor Rogelio Sáenz, Texas Civil Rights Project Attorney Joaquin Gonzalez, Mexican American Legislative Caucus Voting Rights Counsel Jose Garza and Texas League of Women Voters Redistricting Chair Stephanie Swanson.

Scroll down to replay the video of the panel discussion and of the breakout session led by Swanson and Gonzalez, who helped people work on testimony and partner with community groups.

Anyone can watch and share these videos for free, right on this page, thanks to the generous support of sponsors including the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters of Texas,  Al Kauffman, Monica Gonzalez, Olga Kauffman and Stephen Amberg.

Get a head start on preparing your testimony with the League of Women Voters of Texas Redistricting Toolkit at this link.