Brooks City Base Spay/Neuter Facility to Break Ground Early April 2016

On March 10, 2016, San Antonio City Council approved funding for the new Brooks Spay and Neuter Facility scheduled to break ground early next month. Animal Care Services (ACS) will use this facility to provide low-cost spay/neuter and wellness services for San Antonio residents’ pet dogs and cats.

“This new facility will add to the overall efforts throughout the City and District 3 to increase safety for our pets and neighborhoods,” Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran said. “There is a need to provide more pet services, especially in District 3, and more opportunities for our residents to be responsible pet owners. In FY 2015, ACS performed 3,278 spay/neuter surgeries in District 3 alone. We know there is still a need and we are working to address it.”

The 2,280 square foot spay and neuter facility will include two exam rooms, a surgery prep area with two wash tables, a surgery room with two surgery tables, and cat and dog holding rooms. The facility is jointly funded by Brooks City Base.

“Brooks City Base is a prime location to support the need for these services in District 3,” said Councilwoman Viagran. "When resources are accessible and convenient people are more likely to take advantage of them.”

“The availability of affordable spay and neuter services is key to curbing our animal overpopulation issue,” said Kathy Davis, Director of Animal Care Services. “It also plays a pivotal role in ensuring our community retains and grows high live release rates at our shelters. This center will allow us to increase the appointment availability, and hence, the overall operational capacity of pet sterilization services.”

A recent review of local low-cost pet sterilization clinics shows 58,600 surgeries were performed in 2015 while there was an annual operational capacity of more than 82,000. That means thousands of spay neuter appointments are available annually that are not filled. The Brooks facility will be able to accommodate this need for additional services.

The estimated completion of this project and grand opening of the center is set for November 2016.

City Council authorized the execution of a Funding Agreement with Brooks Development Authority for the design and construction of a new spay and neuter facility at Brooks City Base, in an amount not to exceed $606,774.00 for the project plus $104,200.00 for built-in furniture and fixtures, funded with Certificates of Obligation and the General Fund located in Council District 3. City Council also authorized the execution of a 35-year lease agreement with Brooks Development Authority for the facility in the amount of $3,118.00 annually plus a $100.00 one-time payment to be funded from the General Fund. Click here for details on the meeting and a link to the video.