Video from aboard a pirate ship in the Texas Cavalier's River Parade

Did you ever wonder what it is like to ride in the Texas Cavalier's River Parade at the height of Fiesta?

You can find out by watching the video that NOWCastSA streamed from aboard the San Antonio Library Foundation's pirate-themed barge in the parade.

You'll get a behind-the-scenes look before the parade and then a view from the barge. You can see it all from any Internet-enabled computer at our Kyte channel here. You can also see the conversation and chat in the window next to the video player.

The photo on or home page was taken by NOWCastSA's Heather DiMasi right after the River Parade ended. Heather, who was one of several people dressed as a pirate on the Library Foundation's barge, also shot all of the video.

If you were at the parade, or missed the live event, you can see what you missed by checking out the archived video on our Kyte channel here.

Better yet, if you have photos of the event (or anything else cool from Fiesta), upload them and then add them to our Flickr group. We'll feature the best in a slideshow on our site and let you know so you can tell your family and friends.

Viva Fiesta!