Free Fourth of July fireworks shows

Fireworks ban got you down?

Well put this on your mobile and play it:  Then share it with your friends!

With a whole lot of help from friends from sea to shining sea, we built the only legal fireworks show in San Antonio for July 4, 2011.

This link is to the fireworks video that is optimized to be played on mobile phones:

Below is the HD version, meant to be played on your computer, full screen, with the speakers cranked up nice and loud:

We decided to do this after officials in Bexar County and much of Central and South Texas banned Fourth of July fireworks because of the fire risk caused by the region's extended drought.

We shouted out for help, and you all came through!

NOWCastSA engagement editor Joe Ruiz found folks on Flickr and organized the photos and permissions. After that, NOWCastSA Video Producer Antonio Rodriguez matched the photos with music in iMovie. iMove's export settings allowed us to make two versions of the video, one version optimized for mobile and another in high definition, best seen on a computer.

We'd especially like to thank the wonderful photographers who gave us permission to show off their work in this project:

  • Mark Florence of San Antonio,  aka copazetic on Flickr.
  • Mike Howell of San Antonio. Mike's photos were taken at Disney World in Orlando.
  • Corey Leopold via Flickr and under a Creative Commons license.
  • David McLemore of San Antonio. A former staffer and contributor to, David's photo was taken at Woodlawn Lake on July 4, 2010.
  • Vince Monte, who took fireworks photos for the San Antonio Botanical Garden during Fiesta 2011.
  • Jackson Myers of Houston,  aka J-a-x on Flickr and
  • Gary O'Brien of Charlotte, N.C.
  • Joe Ruiz of San Antonio. Joe's photos were taken near Lago Vista, Texas.
  • Alan Weinkrantz of San Antonio. Alan's photo was taken at South Padre Island, Texas.