Help San Antonio build an interactive bond map

We need your help.

In May, San Antonio citizens will be asked to vote on a $596 million bond package that includes 140 different projects that are, quite literally, all over the map.

With help from you, we can put together the information we all need to make an informed choice on that huge and diverse package of projects.

At NOWCastSA, we built this map that identifies and shows the location of each of the projects.

We need help from journalists of all stripes -- professional journalists, student journalists and community journalists -- to create stories with details on each project.

If you need help, the NOWCastSA editors will give you some coaching, and then edit and publish your stories. Stories can include text, or a combination of multimedia components such as photos, videos or audio slideshows.

Then we'll connect each story to its project on the map so voters can zoom in and learn about the pieces of the project that will shape the future of San Antonio.

If you are a student journalist, you can impress your professor, and in some cases, get extra credit, for being published on NOWCastSA in this project.

If you are a community journalist, this is a great way to bask in the glow of having done some good for the world, by helping your neighbors be better informed voters.

If you're a professional journalist, we'd love to link to the work you've done for your organization from this map. We've already gotten stories from Plaza de Armas and from WOAI.

No news organization in San Antonio is big enough to do stories on each of the 140 projects.

But together as a community, we can do it.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the map and pick a project.

Send an email to telling us what you'd like to do.

If you'd like to contribute, Log In here or please Sign Up Now so you can add your story. 

You can make a difference!

NOWCastSA webcast the public hearing process that led to this point, and you can replay the video from all of those hearings by going to this page.

The cover photo of Woodlawn Lake was taken by Joe Ruiz, of the NOWCastSA staff.