Video: Webcast of Chess Simul Match

 If you couldn't join us when we webcast a Chess Simul from the Molly Pruitt Library at Roosevelt High School, you can watch the archived video right here.

 During the Simul, or simultaneous exhibition, chess master Alex Weinberg played multiple games of chess with 35 people at once.

 The games began at 1 p.m. on Dec. 19. Four hours later, five people were still standing. Two were draws: John Redding at Board 3 and Robert Bradley at Board 34. The three others who had not fallen to the chess master were  Glenn Weston on Board 13;  Grant Weston on Board 14; and Gage Weston on Board 15. 

 You may watch the video here and read the comments from the live online chat during the event. Will Underwood graciously provided illuminating commentary, drawing on his own expertise as a chess player. 

 The event was organized by library branch manager Mariya LeighAn Rodriguez and sponsored by the Rackspace Foundation, which hosts Family Chess Nights at the Molly Pruitt Library every Thursday.

 At 3:30 p.m., two-and-a-half hours into the Simul, the following 20 players remained in the game: Larry Dickman, Austin Wight, John Redding, Ziad Sawalha, Rudy Ramirez, Hannah Bradley, Glenn Weston, Grant Weston, Gage Weston, Elizabeth Weston, Thad Zeigler, Andrew Moberly, Brandon Massingill, Herman Wilson, David Piedra, Robert. C. Gonzalez, Robert Bradley, Arastu Murtaza, Wyland Harris, Paul Harris and Graham Weston.

 At 4 p.m. the game had its first draw, with player John Redding at Board 3.

 At 4:15 p.m., the following players were still in the game: Board 1, Larry Dickman; Board 4 Ziad Sawalha; Board 6, Rudy Ramirez; Board 11, Hannah Bradley; Board 13, Glenn Weston; Board 14, Grant Weston; Board 15, Gage Weston; Board 28, David Piedra; Board 34, Robert Bradley; and  Board 38, Paul Harris.

 According to his bio, the Russian-born Weinberg began receiving formal training at the National Chess School in Moscow when he was 7 years old.

 After coming to the U.S., he earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a master's degree in health administration from Trinity University.  Weinberg teaches chess in San Antonio at Keystone School, St. Anthony Catholic High School, St. George Episcopal School, St. Luke’s Episcopal School and St. Mary’s Hall. is hosted at Rackspace Hosting, which also provides in-kind support for the website.