Improvement loans available to bring solar energy to your home

The Bring Solar Home campaign helps homeowners with information on rebates, tax-credits and low-interest solar loans

Solar energy for your home is affordable and can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill.

Over the past two years, we have seen the cost of installing a solar electric system drop more than 50 percent.

Thanks to this price drop, a solar rebate from CPS Energy, and a federal tax credit, installing a residential solar system is now an easy and cost effective option for homeowners. And it gets even better.

Last week, Solar San Antonio launched the "Bring Solar Home" campaign to further simplify the process of going solar. The campaign includes resources for choosing a solar installer and new Solar Home Improvement Loans from San Antonio Credit Union that make going solar dirt cheap.

The price is finally right for solar.

This unique loan is designed to finance the installation of solar energy improvements on your home, including solar arrays, solar hot water heaters or other improvements generated through a solar system.

For more information on how to bring solar to your home, please visit the Bring Solar Home website or call 210-22-SOLAR.