Compare Candidates from Congress to Constable then Vote!

Do you want to know more before voting in the May 29 Primary Election?

Get the scoop by scrolling down this page and clicking on any of the races to watch the candidates explain their positions.  Then Get. Out. And. Vote!

This exclusive collection of mini videos is from a May 14 Candidate Forum, organized by the Keystone and Beacon Hill Neighborhood Associations and moderated by the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area.
The forum included 39 candidates from 14 different races from Congress to Constable. NOWCastSA webcast the event live, then produced 10 mini videos below.
Candidates present:
Lloyd Doggett, D
Sylvia Romo, D
Maria Luisa ­Alvarado, D
Rob Roark, R
John Yoggerst, R
Candidates present:
Jose Pablo Arzola, D
Rafael "Ralph" Diaz, D
Gerard "Gerardo" Ponce, D
Albert Uresti, D
Robert Stovall, R
Ernesto R. Castro, D
Candidates present:
Larry Ricketts, D
Donald Falcon, R
Amadeo Ortiz, D
Andy Lopez, D
James "Dorsey" Dorsey, D
Candidates present:
Ann Comerio, R
Kim Pettit, R
Candidates present:
Nicole Elizalde Henning, D
Michael Mery, D
Candidates present:
Carmen A. Samaniego, D
Rebeca C. Martinez, D
Candidates present:
David A. Canales, D
Paul Canales, D
Gloria Saldana, D
Lauro A. Bustamante, D
Candidates present:
408th Judicial District Candidates:
Milton Fagin, D
Larry Noll, D (represented by Alice Guerra)
Justice of the Peace Candidates: 
Precinct 1, Place 1
Monica Lisa Caballero, D
Tomas Uresti, D
Precinct 3, Place 1
Robert de Leon, D
Steve Walker, D
Candidates present:
Precinct No. 1
Omar A. Reyes, D
Precinct No. 2
Joe Curiel. D
Tom Brady, D
Candidates present:
Michael Soto, D
Marisa B. Perez, D