Conversation: Albert Kauffman and David Hinojosa on Texas School Finance

Replay video: Saint Mary's University School of Law professor Albert Kauffman and IDRA National Director of Policy David Hinojosa discussed the Texas Supreme Court ruling on the state's school finance system, the history and the future of the issue.

More information on the case:

As an attorney for  the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Kauffman was the lead counsel for the Edgewood ISD plaintiffs in the school finance lawsuit from 1984 to 2002. He is now a  a professor of law at St. Mary’s University School of Law.

When Edgewood High School graduate David Hinojosa worked for MALDEF in 2011, he filed a follow up suit on behalf of 600 school districts statewide, Texas Taxpayer and Student Fairness Coalition vs. Williams. Click here to read the Texas Supreme Court's May 2016 ruling in that case.

You can replay the oral arguments in the case from Sept. 1, 2015 at this link:

This dashboard is pulling in news from several sources on the Texas School Finance trial here  social media on the Texas School Finance trial and issue here  and related sites, including trial summary news here.

This graphic, based on research by IDRA, where Hinojosa now works, shows the gap in funding between rich and poor school districts:

IDRA research, Data source: Texas Attorney General's office

Kauffman wrote this article for the San Antonio Express-News plainly explaining what is at stake: The Texas Constitution requires - and our students deserve - equality.