Councilman Diego Bernal promotes Safe Access to Schools Initiative for San Antonio families

District 1 Councilman Diego M. Bernal has asked City staff to work with San Antonio school districts and CPS Energy to implement funding strategies to provide infrastructure improvements that would include installation of new sidewalks and adequate street lighting around the perimeter of schools.

Many of San Antonio’s older schools are challenged with non-existent or aging sidewalks and, at times, inadequate street lighting necessary for the basic safety of children, families, and the disabled on their way to and from school.  A number of these schools no longer meet federal, city and state guidelines for proper and safe sidewalks for pedestrians.

“Creating safe and walkable routes to schools has been a priority for me since day one,” said Councilman Bernal.  “My office has received a number of calls from residents and school administrators about the need to install or upgrade sidewalks around their schools.  When I visit these locations, it is apparent more needs to be done for the safety of our residents.”

The Councilman has worked with the Ridgeview Elementary staff to bring more street lighting along the Rampart corridor.  He is also currently coordinating with Neal Elementary to add additional street lighting around the perimeter of the school and needed sidewalk installations.  One of the most recent projects Mr. Bernal helped facilitate is the current sidewalk construction taking place on Fresno Rd., where Edison High School is located.  He and his office also worked with City staff in obtaining funding for additional street lighting and the construction of a sidewalk along the west-end of Edison.  These are all basic amenities residents and school administrators have been requesting for a number of years.

Councilman Bernal states, “The challenge our office has is that we cannot sufficiently address the needed infrastructure improvements around these schools with the City funding mechanisms we currently have in place.  This is why I am proposing that City staff work with local school districts and CPS Energy in putting together a budgeting plan that can address the safety needs that all children, families and disabled pedestrians deserve in San Antonio.”