Eastside SA: The Future and Back

If you know anything about us here at NOWCastSA, then you know how much we love neighborhood stories. So when I heard about the opening for Eastside S.A.: The Future and Back, a community-based multimedia storytelling project, I wanted to talk to the people behind it.

East Side Stories Pano


The multimedia installation opened on Sept. 7, at the Movement Gallery inside of the Southwest Workers Union. The walls were adorned with beautiful reproductions of photographs taken from all over San Antonio’s East Side by its residents throughout photographable history. Mirrors were overlayed with poetry written inside of and about the neighborhoods of the East Side.

Many visitors spent the night immersed in the personal stories and interviews of East Side residents that were being played on three screens with headphones. Creative director Ernesto Olivo and students Johnathan Galvan, Daija Wilkes and Kimberly Rendon spent the last three months recording and preserving these stories and I asked them to tell me about it. Learn their story in the video below: