Eat cookies to support NOWCastSA

Did you know supporting NOWCastSA can be as easy as baking cookies?

Thanks to a new partnership with Pine Valley Foods, $6 from every batch of cookie dough sold from this link (purchase price is only $18) will go straight to NOWCastSA to support nonprofit programs that promote and facilitate and inclusive civic conversation.

Before sharing this opportunity with friends, I thought it was only fair to test the product for myself - you know, just to make sure it is safe and easy, etc.

I ordered the "spotlight product" the Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies. I received a receipt in my inbox immediately, and a second email informing me of when my order had shipped with a tracking number. A box arrived via USPS, and contained a lovely tub of ready-to-bake cookie dough.

How is this possible? The packaging explains that the dough can be safely stored at room temperature for up to 21 days. Worried about using two pounds of dough so quickly? Fear not - you can refrigerate for up to six months or freeze up to one year.

Package Container Next Step

Not being one to sit about letting cookie dough go untested, I got a batch ready for the oven right away. And to be honest, I've already submitted my order for a second batch! This is definitely an opportunty worth sharing, and a fantastic way to support NOWCastSA. The order yeilded a few dozen cookies (okay, maybe fewer when I started making them larger) and the cookies have not dissapointed.

Out of the oven
(yes, one has already been eaten)

Later batches were bigger Every cookie was delicious

You too can bake delicious cookies to support community journalism and nonprofit news: there are eight varieties to choose from. Just click here to view the catalog, add cookies to your electronic cart and submit your order with a credit card.

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