The Edge: April 11, 2016

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Catch up and get ahead with the Edge for the week of April 11.

Soul of a Citizen: Faith, citizenship and the politics of a common life

Spurred in part by the volume of incivility and intolerance on the national political stage, more than 30 San Antonio civic and faith leaders gathered for an interactive conversation on how they can work together to create a more engaged and inclusive community.

The March 16 conversation, titled “Soul of a Citizen,” was convened by the San Antonio Peace Center and San Antonio District 8 City Councilman Ron Nirenberg.

Progress, the participants agreed, would be to find common ground and shared interests in humanity — and bringing more people together under the cause of community. To read the story, click here.

Congressman Castro says students, UTSA will benefit from U.S.-Japan ties

Congressman Joaquin Castro visited the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio to talk to students about the importance of U.S. and Japanese relations.

Castro talked about the relationship between the two countries, emphasizing the economic, technology and security benefits. He said coordination with the University of Tokyo will help lead UTSA toward Tier One status.

Castro said students stood to benefit from studying this partnership between the United States and Japan. Click here to for the story.

Garden helps refugees plant roots and blossom in the Alamo City

The Community, Interfaith, Education and Literacy Opportunity (C.I.E.L.O.) Garden  at the House of Prayer Lutheran Church on San Antonio’s North Side just celebrated its fifth birthday.

This community garden has helped resettled refugees from around the world build social bonds in their new San Antonio home, to become active participants in their neighborhoods and acquire language and leadership skills.

The garden is located in City Council District 8, which Councilman Ron Nirenberg says is home to the largest population of refugees in San Antonio. Click Here to see the story.

San Antonio groups brainstorm strategies for cleaner air

Air quality is always on San Antonio’s radar, but for the attendees at the Regional Air Quality Strategy Session on April 5, it’s an urgent call to action. 

That’s because San Antonio is about to be found out of compliance with federal clean air guidelines, requiring local organizations, government and business leaders to adopt new strategies to improve air quality.

One problem resulting from air pollution is asthma. Bexar County already ranks highest in Texas on the rate of child asthma hospitalizations.

Learn more about new strategies to improve air quality in San Antonio, and find out how you can make a difference at home and at work. Click here to see the story and learn more.