The Edge: July 18, 2016

This week’s edge includes: Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Association and a heavy-handed developer, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center's "Take Back Our City,” video from conversations across San Antonio about racism, a critical look at the Alazán Creek trail project and an extraordinary portrait of the city’s visual artists.

Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Association SLAPPed by Developer

When the Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Association exercised its right to appeal to the San Antonio Board of Adjustment over part of a plan for a convenience store at Fredericksburg Road, the response shocked them: The local development group, GFR Development Services, threatened them with litigation.

Courts have a name for such frivolous and illegal lawsuits: Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, or SLAPP suits.

Find out how two lawmakers are using the Texas Citizens Participation Act to help neighborhood associations and other community organizations get SLAPP suits dismissed easier and faster.

Watch the full video:

For more about neighborhood concerns, tune in on Saturday, July 23, when Esperanza Peace and Justice Center hosts a community discussion called "Take Back Our City."

They will look at events throughout San Antonio's history as they relate to development, privatization of public spaces and displacement against the backdrop of what’s happening now. Here’s a link to the details >>


Local conversations on Racism, Equity and Justice

People are coming together all over San Antonio for some meaningful conversations about racism, equity and justice and we’ve got our cameras on it so you can be there, live or later.

On July 12, 100 people gathered at the Muslim Children Education and Civic Center for a town hall discussion with religious leader Shaykh Omar Husain. Our video highlights discussions on police brutality, racism and ideas for working towards change.

On July 14, nearly 100 people of different races gathered at the Circle School to talk about working together as allies. The group named itself the San Antonio Coalition for Justice and Equity and plans to meet regularly going forward. Here’s the full video:

And peaceCENTER San Antonio and CompassionNet San Antonio have issued a call for a demonstration July 21 on the Steps of City Hall to make a loud and unified presence to support a Compassionate San Antonio. Here's a link to the details >> 



Alazán Creek Trail

What happened with the recently opened first half-mile reach of Alazán Creek trail?

Commentator Mark Tirpak takes a look and says it came up lacking and shows disregard for the Westside Creek Restoration Project Conceptual Plan.

Has Westside Creek Flood Hazard Mitigation and Pedestrian Connectivity been short-changed by planned downtown San Pedro Creek improvements? Read Tirpak’s piece and see what you think >>


Faces of Art

You have until September 16 to visit the Culture Commons near City Hall to see an extraordinary exhibit.
Local photographer Ramin Samandari took portraits of 268 visual artists in San Antonio and they are compiled in an exhibit called the Faces of Art. Read the full story >>