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San Antonio’s heritage extends long before the Spanish Missions

Carmen Taffolla at San Jose

San Antonio’s Spanish Colonial missions, including the Alamo, were recently designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO The designation could attract more visitors and $10 million dollars a year to the local economy.

But in a video essay, Texas Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla  says this is not about money - it is a chance to change the way we look at history.

Watch Carmen Tafolla explain why we should shed the Euro-centric version of history and recognize the original inhabitants, going back 10,000 years. Here's a ink to video:  ink Here is a link to the story you can like on Facebook and share on email or social media

ConnectHome to lift low-income kids across the Digital Divide

Digital Divide in San Antonio

About 275,000 low-income families in the U.S. - and more than 6,000 in San Antonio - will get free high-speed home Internet under ConnectHome, a project announced last week by President Barack Obama and HUD Secretary Julián Castro.

What happens when a student living in poverty crosses the digital divide and gets the rich educational media many of us take for granted at home? See how San Antonio’s top educator, our public library director and the housing authority responded.

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Want more? Pay more.


What’s the best way for San Antonio to get more direct flights, more office buildings and more amenities for millennials?

Raise the average wage, says Port San Antonio’s Jim Perschbach. He’s a key player in San Antonio’s aerospace industry, where the average wage is $79,000 a year.

He also revealed that aerospace employer Boeing just signed a lease to stay 15 more years in San Antonio.

Here’s a link to a story with video from Pershbach’s talk and video of an outlook for the aerospace industry during the San Antonio Chamber’s Aerospace Committee meeting. The story has links for you to like it on social media or share it with your friends:

Help!  With the KISS Map (Kids, Immunizations, School Supplies )


For the fifth year, we are updating our map of back-to-school events, including free backpacks and school supplies, free and low-cost immunizations, health fairs and clinics. But we need your help updating this year’s map.

If you know about an event, please let us know! Send tips and information about upcoming events to so we can get them on the map.

Here’s a link to the story with the map and how you can help: