The Edge: July 27

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Ancient irrigation technique saves water, keeps plants happy

Kersey's Ollas

Do your part to conserve water this summer, starting right in your own garden with an olla.

San Antonio ceramic artist Diana Kersey explains this ancient irrigation technique on a YouTube video that has been watched nearly 8,000 times around the world.

You can buy a lovely ceramic olla, or follow Diana’s easy instructions and make your own.

SATomorrow wants your transportation ideas, solutions

SA Tomorrow transportation plan

Unless we start planning now, getting around could be impossible in 2040 after San Antonio grows by 1 million more people.

Do you have an idea? SATomorrow wants to hear from you at a community meeting or online.

Here’s one person’s idea: Add a cool, serene commuter option on the San Antonio River and call it VIA Rio.

Check out our map of SA Tomorrow Open House events where you can learn more and add your ideas during your lunch hour or after work. 

You can also attend an online Open House by clicking here.

Residents to city: Spend more on safer streets and sidewalks, less on police and fire contracts


Where should the city increase funding and where should it cut? San Antonio asked and 2,000 of you answered.

According to the Community Input Summary, residents’ number one funding priority is to protect children and adults by spending more on safer sidewalks and streets.

More than a quarter of the people who suggested cuts said they support the city’s position in negotiations with the police and fire unions and want to see the uniformed employees’ benefits cut.

Read more in our story at this link and see what people are saying about the 2016 budget.

The South Texas heat can kill - Don't risk your pet's life!

Hot Dogs

In case you haven’t noticed - it’s hot out there! Pet owners should take care not to leave their dogs in their vehicles or hot truck beds.

Dogs don’t sweat, so they can’t control their body temperature as well as we do. They cool themselves through panting and through the soles of their paws. 

That’s why dogs can suffer from heat stroke in a hot car in under 10 minutes.

Learn more about what to watch for in this story at