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Posted by NOWCast SA on Friday, July 3, 2015

Link to video playlist of City Council Budget Session - go directly to Living Wage discussion.


solid waste pana

San Antonio’s fiscal 2016 budget will probably include an incentive to get more people to recycle. Why should you care? Dumping trash in landfills costs the city money, while recycling makes the city money. The more you put in your recycling bin, and the less you put in your trash bin, the lower your collection bill will be. If you don’t recycle, and put it all in one giant container, your trash bill will go up. Want to save money? Help the environment. Click here togo directly to video of the City Council's recycling conversation.


Inside Private Prisons with Families in Detention

Congress Visits Detention Centers in South Texas

Last week, a delegation of House Democrats, hosted by Congressman Joaquin Castro, came to Texas to meet and talk with Central American women and children being held in private prisons not far from San Antonio.
One lawmaker managed to shoot cellphone video of the refugee women and children chanting “!Queremos Libertad!"

Click here to see a story with the cellphone video and the video of the Congressmen and Congresswomen after they toured the prison in Karnes, Texas

Learn more in this story about how women from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are imprisoned with their children and hundreds of other families after fleeing to the U.S. seeking refuge and asylum. Click here to go directly to our short documentary.


Refresher Course on Uber and Lyft

UBER pana

Coming up, expect more people to be talking about Uber and Lyft again now that Mayor Ivy Taylor asked the City Manager to create a framework to bring the companies back to San Antonio for a “pilot period.”  Get the Edge with this refresher on the public safety issues, why it is not accurate to call the companies “Ride Share” and more. Click here for 7 questions (and answers) about Uber you need to know.


Free Summer Food for Kids

At NOWCastSA, our mission is to democratize information. One way we do that is to make information accessible and get it into people’s hands.

Summer Free Kids Meals Map

We made a map of places where kids can get free food this summer. You can find a food service site on the map, then click through the address to get directions and transportation options. And it’s free.

Here's the part where you get to be a good citizen: Share the free food map with someone who needs it. It will make your day!