The Edge: September 21

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Webcast: State of the Cloud

<The State of the Cloud: Congressional Hearing

“The State of the Cloud,” ~ and getting the federal government to move onto the cloud ~ was the topic of a special field briefing of U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s Subcommittee on Information Technology  at the University of Texas at San Antonio. (story and video here)

The subcommittee is chaired by U.S. Rep. William Hurd, who represents Texas' 23rd congressional district which reaches from San Antonio to El Paso.  The testimony came from Rackspace, Amazon, Department of Homeland Security, VMWare and UTSA.

Why hold a briefing on the Cloud here?

"We chose to hold this briefing here in San Antonio because this city is on the cutting edge of cloud computing and technology innovation as a whole," Hurd said as he opened the session," Hurd said in his opening remarks.

"There is an incredible amount of forward thinking taking place here. whether we’re talking about the business community, universities or some of the federal agencies that exist here in San Antonio."

The State of Port San Antonio

The 2015 State of Port San Antonio

In September 1995,  San Antonio was reeling over news that the Base Realignment and Closure Commission decided to shutter Kelly Air Force Base.

That eliminated more than 12,000 good jobs that were the bedrock for the city’s skilled, middle-class workers.

20 years later the former base is known as Port San Antonio, where more than 80 firms employ more than 12,000 people in aerospace, defence, manufacturing and logistics.

The average wage for an aerospace worker in San Antonio is 79,000 dollars a year, according to the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.

During his State of the Port 2015 address, President and CEO Roland Mower promised to add another 5,000 jobs by 2020, increasing the Port’s regional economic impact beyond today’s 4.4 billion dollars. (Story and Video here)


2014 Siclovia

Síclovía is returning on Sept. 27 and the YMCA and the City of San Antonio will close the streets to traffic allowing an expected 50,000 to 65,000 people to play in the streets for more than 3 miles of Broadway, from Lion’s Field to Alamo Plaza.

And this time, there’s an app for that:  With just a click or a swipe you can get a map, a schedule, notifications or take a safety pledge and maybe win a bike helmet. (Story here)

Webcast: The Congress on Children

Congress on Children Keynote

On Friday, Sept. 25, we will webcast for the fifth year, The Congress on Children, presented by Voices for Children of San Antonio at the Whitley Center of the Oblate School of Theology.

The keynote speaker will talk about the effects nurturing environments have on human well-being.

It’s free for you to watch live or later right at this lnk, thanks to underwriting from Methodist Healthcare Ministries.