Map: Find a neighborhood playground near you

Looking for a playground in your neighborhood? KaBOOM, a national nonprofit dedicated to saving play for America's children, has a map that is searchable by city or Zip Code so you can find the nearest play area to you.

According to KaBOOM's website,

The deficit of child’s play is sad, since it means a world with less laughter and joy. And it has grave implications for our society and our future. The decline of play is closely linked to:
  • Childhood obesity
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity, anxiety disorders and depression
  • Violence and other behavioral problems
  • Stunted social, cognitive and creative development
  • Lack of green spaces in cities and suburbs
  • Fragmented communities
  • Failing schools
To find your closest playground, visit or click on the map below.
Do you have a favorite playground you want to tell us about? Do you have photos you want to share? Or does the playground in your neighborhood have issues that need addressing? We want to hear from you. E-mail us at

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