Help Shape The Future of Water in San Antonio at

Submitted by RPinner on August 20, 2015 - 11:00am

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) wants residents to help shape the city’s water future by taking a quick survey and becoming engaged in the 2015 Water Management planning process with the launch of a new microsite known as

“SAWS Water Management Plan will affect all San Antonians, and at the rate our community is growing, we must find new ways to engage them,” said Gavino Ramos, SAWS Vice President of Communications and External Affairs. “Traditional community outreach combined with new digital approaches will help us involve a larger audience in the conversation about the management of our precious water supply.”

The new microsite features a short survey that will provide feedback and comments on topics related to the 2015 Water Management Plan, and will offer updates as the planning process progresses. The Water Management Plan will address demographic and growth changes, as well as new water supplies that have been brought on line since the 2012 plan was created.

“We are the future of San Antonio. We will be the business leaders of tomorrow who will have to deal with decisions made today,” said Zac Harris, director of Marketing and Sales for Alamo Beer Company. “We need to be a part of the process to help establish future roles of water in our city to support economic development and recreation. It’s time for us – millennials, young professionals and all folks in San Antonio, to get involved in the conversation so we can help plan for the future.”

Omar Gonzales, Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation and LOOP Co-Founder added, “If San Antonio wants to continue to be a successful city, we have to find ways to have water be a part of that continual story. I want my daughter to grow up in San Antonio, and I think we need to all be involved in the conversation of how we ensure that water is sustainable for the next generation.”

SAWS projects that its service will grow by an estimated 34,000 people each year. The demand for water will only grow along with it. Because the typical new water project can take 10 to 20 years to develop, it’s important to plan ahead to meet the future water demand.

In addition to the microsite, SAWS will continue to conduct traditional community outreach, including neighborhood association meetings and other community meetings to obtain feedback on the 2015 Water Management Plan. SAWS will also enlist the help of chambers of commerce and other business and young professional organizations to help get the word out about