Avenida Guadalupe hosts holiday lighting party

Submitted by Joe Ruiz on December 13, 2011 - 11:57am

On Friday, Dec. 9, NOWCastSA was invited to be a part of the holiday lighting party at Avenida Guadalupe by offering to work with people who wanted to know more about shooting photos and videos with their cell phones or digital cameras.

Below are some of the photos from those who showed up to our table, as well as some photos from our staff. We helped about 10 people in a short span, allowing them to use our digital cameras and Flip video cameras to walk around and learn how do great work with easy equipment.

To the right, you'll see some of the NOWCastSA staff at their happiest. From left to right is senior video producer Antonio Rodriguez, community editor Nancy Preyor-Johnson, video producer Andrew Delgado and some other guy.