Time Dollar Community Connections offers free workshops

Submitted by Joe Ruiz on January 12, 2011 - 4:29pm

While those in attendance inside a small West Side home were there for a class about diabetes, they may have ended up learning about another way to improve their health.

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, a handful of people gathered inside the living room of a converted home on the 2800 block of W. Salinas St. waiting for one course but finding out how to save seeds from planted vegetables.

The course, one of a few on varying subjects offered by San Antonio Time Dollar Community Connection, is part of a ongoing, ten-week gardening course. Some of the other workshops that have been or are currently offered include citizenship courses and math tutoring for parents to work with their children.

Time Dollar, located near the intersection of W. Commerce and N. Zarzamora streets, has been working in the area for about ten years, says Andrew Willems, one of the instructors at the home.

The group is built on the premise of supporting their community by teaching and having people learn as they donate their time, with the hopes they will teach others.

Despite being geared to teach San Antonio’s West Side, the group has drawn people from around the region, Willems said. Two women from Hondo said they expected to get good use from the information they gathered from the session.

“I thought I’d pick up a hobby, and at the same time, learn about helping out the environment and growing my own produce to save money,” said science teacher Lisa Garza, who was at her first Time Dollar session at the request of her friend and multiple time attendee, Sylvia Brown.

Participants spoke of a program offered by Time Dollar that provides materials and instruction for small home gardening. By attending two classes and paying $5, West Side residents can receive materials and installation to create their own square-foot garden.

People outside the West Side can receive the same materials for a monetary donation to Time Dollar, Willems said.

More information about Time Dollar, located at 2802 W. Salinas St., can be found on their Facebook page, their page on the Making Connections-San Antonio website or by calling (210) 433-9851.

Videographer Sarah Garrahan was at the gardening session to find out more about Time Dollar.