Judge permanently dismisses lawsuit against NOWCastSA

Updated: Larry Noll, Presiding Judge of the 408th District Court in Bexar County, dismissed a meritless lawsuit against NOWCastSA and its managing director on Dec. 1, 2016.

Noll dismissed the suit with prejudice at the request of the plaintiff, William Schlecht, former chair of the nonprofit news organization. A case that is dismissed with prejudice is permanently removed and the claims can never be brought back to court. (view the original court document here)

NOWCastSA Managing Director Charlotte-Anne Lucas said the organization is happy the case is resolved.

“All of us at NOWCastSA are glad this matter is behind us,” Lucas said. “The organization is in good shape and getting better.”

“I was overwhelmed by the messages of support we received from the community during this period, and humbled by the appreciation of NOWCastSA’s vital work of providing trustworthy local news and information,” Lucas added.

In an email to the NOWCastSA Board of Directors after seeking the dismissal Schlecht said: "I have enjoyed working with all of you on this worthwhile endeavor that brings news of public interest to the community in the most egalitarian and efficient manner achievable. I wish you only the best."

Lucas said NOWCastSA is looking to the future and prioritizing fundraising to support its activities.

NOWCastSA uses live webcasts to broadcast public events and meetings and publishes maps with information about everything from early voting locations to back to school supplies and farmer’s markets. NOWCastSA also trains community journalists on reporting, ethics, media literacy and technology. More information at http://nowcastsa.com/about

Editor's note: This article was updated to include the email sent by William Schlecht to the NowCastSA Board of Directors.