Mahncke Park Neighborhood Conservation District prevails in Imagine Homes case

329 Claremont Street

The San Antonio Zoning Board of Adjustment rejected Imagine Built Homes’ request to build a new home eight feet from an existing home, closer than is allowed under the Mahncke Park Neighborhood Conservation District rules.

The decision on Sept. 17, 2018, came after the board heard the developer’s presentation and heard opposition from city staff, the Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association leadership and two nearby property owners, including the author of this article.

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The developer asked the board for a variance allowing him to build a new home at 329 Claremont St. eight feet from the existing duplex at 327/325 Claremont St. The Mahncke Park Neighborhood Conservation District rules, which were enacted by city ordinance, require structures to be separated by no less than 10 feet.

The proposed new home would have been 15 feet wide on a 25-foot-wide lot, similar to dozens of others built in Mahncke Park by Imagine Homes since January, 2017.

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Under the Board of Adjustment rules, the variance request required nine votes to succeed. Six board members voted against it and five voted in favor. Those opposed were Alan C. Neff appointed by District 2, (which includes Mahncke Park);  Roger F. Martinez appointed by District 10; Dr. Lisa Katherine Zottarelli appointed by District 1; Mary E. Rogers appointed by District 7; Henry Rodriguez, appointed by the Mayor; and John Edward Kuderer, appointed by District 9. Those in favor were Seth Patrick Teal appointed by District 6; George Lynn Britton, Jr. appointed by District 4; Donald Oroian, appointed by District 8; Kimberly Bragman, at large and Roy F. Shauffele, at large.