Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Missions player Brett Kennedy ask people to reduce pollution in San Antonio air quality awareness video

Submitted by rudyarispe on July 13, 2017 - 9:49am

Mayor Ron Nirenberg and San Antonio Missions pitcher Brett Kennedy ask residents and area businesses in a new Public Service Announcement to help reduce pollution as part of the City of San Antonio’s “Breathe Today. SA Tomorrow” air quality public education campaign.

Produced by Sinclair Broadcast Group, the PSA is now airing on News4 San Antonio, KABB-TV and the CW.

In the PSA, Mayor Nirenberg is seen boarding a VIA bus and asks the community to “keep San Antonio the largest, clean air city in the nation,” while Kennedy is shown with Kaitlyn Muñoz, “Daytime@Nine” correspondent and CW Crew spokesperson, at Missions Stadium, where he reminds individuals that “it’s all about keeping San Antonio’s air quality as clean as we can.”

“Air quality is among the biggest challenges facing our region -- impacting our economy, our health, and the quality of life of our residents," Mayor Nirenberg said. “This campaign helps us remind residents about ways that they can contribute to cleaner air.”

People can help reduce air pollution by carpooling whenever possible, combining errands to save gas, keeping vehicle tires properly inflated, and not mowing or filling up your gas tank when it’s hot outside, as recommended in the PSA. For more tips to help reduce air pollution, visit

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Breath San Antonio

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