A message from our director: You can count on us, we're with you

Dear friend - 

Last night’s presidential election results left many of us confused, worried and wondering how it will affect the lives of our loved ones and neighbors. 

At NOWCastSA, we don’t have the wise words to make sense of it all, but we do have the tools to listen to what you have to say and make sure you’re always a part of the conversation -- even when you can’t be there in person.

That’s what we do.

NOWCastSA's nonprofit mission is to promote and facilitate an inclusive civic conversation by empowering neighbors to identify common issues and share information.

With your support, we can keep amplifying the voices of the children, the refugees, the poets, the teachers, the healers and those of you devoted to helping others and making our community a better place.

Please take a moment to support this work with a tax-deductible donation today.

And hit the replay button on this terrific conversation we webcast Monday, Nov. 7 that seems so prescient today:



Charlotte-Anne Lucas
Managing Director, NOWCastSA