Methodist Mission Home has news to share about an exciting milestone

We are proud to announce we have adopted a new name: Providence Place to reflect our greatly expanded mission.

With 118 years of continued growth and expansion, Providence Place is a home for young people with disabilities learning to become independent through our Center for Higher Independence. It is also a home for young women considering adoption and couples wanting to adopt through Action Adoption; we are a recognized leader in adoption services.

Providence Place is also a home to an innovative family of nonprofits on one campus, sharing resources and expertise. We are a vibrant community where people who have lived on the fringes and felt excluded are warmly welcomed.

The 118-year Journey to Providence Place

For many years, a recurring question at Methodist Mission Home board meetings has been whether the organization’s name truly reflected its mission and expanded services. In 2011, at the annual strategic planning session, the board decided to quit talking and take action, little knowing that less than two years later, the agency would be Providence Place and well on the way to establishing a new brand and identity for itself.

The name selection process and final research moved along through 2011 and 2012 to the June 2012 board meeting when the board and leadership brand teams recommended the adoption of the name, Providence Place. After lengthy discussion, it was unanimously approved.

Later in the year, the decision was made to update the names of Adoption Services and the Southwest Center for Higher Independence to Action Adoption and Center for Higher Independence (CHI) for a more contemporary tone.

"We felt using the word, Southwest, in CHI’s name was not only unwieldy, but limited us in a way," Jennifer explained. "Similarly, Action Adoption reflects better the spirit of our can-do, results-oriented adoption agency."

Now the logo development is complete, not just for Providence Place itself, but also for the three programs of the organization — Action Adoption, Center for Higher Independence and Ectropia — whose new names officially launched March 1.

"People who come to our campus may be shocked at first when they see our new name and logo," Jennifer said. "But they’ll soon see Providence Place and our new logo reflect the same big heart and soul that has always been the basis for our success and reputation over the past 118 years."

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